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初一英语读书笔记 1.这个经常下雨。(两种) there is often rain./it often rains here.

2.我们很惊讶地在火车站看到西蒙。 we are surprised to see simon at the train station.

3.沿着这条路走,到红绿灯处,你就会看到那撞楼。go along this street to the traffic light,then you will see that building.


5.三个穿警察制服的人从车里出来。 three man in police uniform get out of the car.

6.突然一个大个子把他推进了厢式货车的后面。 suddenly a tall man pull him into the back of the van.


jill is sitting on my left now.turn right to the cross, and you will find the entrance before yourself.

9.这个强盗从大厦跑了出去。this robber runs out of the building.

10.我们走不同的路线好吗?shall we take different routes?

11.一个穿红色衣服的女孩站在街道的拐弯处。 a girl in red is standing at the corner of the street.

12.当交通灯是红色是不能过马路。you cant go across the road when the traffic light is red.


it isnt too difficult to learn english.


shall we go to the park tomorrow?


she thinks it is going to rain tomorrow.

16.互联网上有成千上万的网站。 there are thousands of webs on the internet.

17.我们打算在星期六进行烧烤。 we are going to have a barbecue on saturday.

18.你们什么时候举行聚会。when are you going to have your party?

19.大部分学生能准时到校。most of the students can get to school on time.


he invited us to have dinner

21.你可以乘地铁去中国银行。you can go to the bank of china by underground.reporter: 记者后面加了一个er,表示一种人。report是报告。今天我们小记开会,为报道学校春节运


1. he is a reporter. 他是一名记者。

2. i dont want to be a reporter. 我不想成为记者。

3. are you a reporter?你是一名记者吗?

4. she is not a good reporter. 她是一个坏记者。

5. i like this reporter. 我喜欢这个记者。 pool:池塘

swimming pool:游泳池。但是北京奥运会“水立方”英语是:water cube

1. its a nice swimming pool. 这是一个漂亮的游泳池。

2. i often swim in a swimming pool near our school. 我经常在学校附近的一个泳


3. do you usually go to swimming pool? 你经常去游泳池吗?

4. the pool is very dirty. 这个池真脏。

5. why dont they clean the pool? 为什么他们不清洗这个池塘? cloudy:多云的



1. its cloudy today. 今天阴。

2. i am not happy if this is a cloudy day. 如果是阴天,我就不高兴。

3. it will rain soon because its cloudy. 因为是阴天,所以马上要下雨了。

4. his face is cloudy. 他的脸阴沉。

5. the sky was very cloudy yesterday. 昨天天很阴。 want: 想

中文里的“想”英语有好多词可以表示, miss, want, think。miss注重想念。want


1. i want you! 我要你!

2. i want to learn english well. 我想把英语学好。

3. he wants a basketball. 他要一个篮球。

4. she wants to watch toy story. 她要看“玩具总动员”。

5. they want a new english teacher. 他们都要一个新的英语老师。 waiter:男招待

通常在饭店,酒店工作,女招待是waitress,有时候waiter可以叫bus boy,想象一个




1. i dont want to be a waiter. 我不想成为一个男招待。

2. mr wangs son is a waiter. 王老师的儿子是一个男招待。

3. are you a waiter? 你是一个男招待吗?

4. she doesnt love the waiter. 她不爱这个男服务生。

5. he also wants to be a waiter. 他也想做一个男招待。


读 书 笔 记

书 目 名 称

起 止 页 码姓 名 班 级 学 号指 导 教 师所 在 学 院

年 月

Reading report

1.Main idea

2.Reading experience

3.Wonderful plot


My Impressions after Reading”Gone with the Wind”


Recently,I have just finished reading a famous novel written by Margaret mitchell—“Gone with the Wind”,which is one of the most popular works among American novels.It took the auther about 10 years to finish this great novel,the only novel in her life. The story happened during the Civil War eve.Scarlett O'Hara,a 16-year-old girl,who was living in Tala manor in Georgia,was loving her neighbor Ashley Wilkes.However,after the war have broken out, Ashley Wilkes married his yonger cousin Melanie. Scarlett was so angry that she decided to marry a man she didn?t really love---- Charles Hamilton.Not long after that, Charles Hamilton joined the Army and died of illness in the war.So Scarlett had to act as a widow.Afterwards,at a donating dance party,Scarlett is acquainted with a captain named Rhett Butler. Then the flames of war approached Atlanta.Everyone was busy leaving away from the war.Scarlett managed to escape from Atlanta with the help of captain Rhett.Having come back to Tala manor,Scarlett made up her mind to rally her homeland at any cost when she saw that the former manor had been ruined.Later,her second husband died in the fight,she was a widow again.Durling that time, Rhett had been loving Scarlett sincerely and warmly.Seeing that Rhett could help her rally the manor,Scarlett married

him.Although Rhett had similar characteristic attracting her,Scarlett still loved Ashley.Later,their only daughter died accidently,Rhett left Scarlett sorrowly.And then Scarlett realized that Rhett was the only one who could fall in love with her.

The novel takes the US Civil War as the background.It takes Scarlett?s individual activity as the thread.The book show us a tragic love story .A couple who could have a perfect future,but finnally go in opposite direction.As a matter of fact,their charactristics have decided their tragic result inevitably.We feel sorry about the end because we are looking forward to a perfect end,just like Scarlett and Rhett.In fact,ferfect is always a excessive damand.

I affirm Rhett.He brings excitement to Scarlett?s life and encourages her impulse to change and succeed.Like Scarlett,he goes after what he wants and refuses to take ?no? for an answer.He is humorous,intelligent and cynical with a hint of treason.He is really a respectable man.I think he finnally left because of love .Otherwise,he couldn?t have gone without hesitation.

Ashley Wilkes is the foil to Rhett?s dark, realistic opportunism.If there was no Civil War,he is surely a nobility of grace and charm.But history cannot be changed.He bocame a victim of the war.His era was gone with the defeat of the war.At the same time,we cannot deny the

fact that he had a chear understanding about reality,which just contribute to his tragedy.

In this book,what I appreciate most is not Melanie?skindness or Rheet?s dedication and patience,but Scarlett?s courage to throw her long-standing morality and tradition whe faced with diffiiculties.At the beginning of the war,she didn?t care about this.In her world are endless dinner parties and dance parties.In her body are her father?s brave Irish blood and her mother?s noble French pure blood.She had a vast farm as her home.She had hundreds of slaves.This is Scarlett.,a member of noblity,proud and different.However,the war changed(转载于:www.hNNsCy.coM 博 文 学 习 网:英文读书笔记) everything.Her mother died of illness.Her father become silent and the farm was nearly deserted.Even food became a big problem.All the pressure was put on Scarlett?s shoulder.She must feed a family of 9 people in it.What a big difference of level.If all this happened to someone else,he or she may choose to escape.On the contrary,Scarlett choose to face the change of life bravely.How can we not admire her courage of to change herself.Life is like a mountain.The road can?t be completely smooth.When we fall down from the peak,we may get hert ,we may get disappointed,we may feel despair.But if you want to survive,you must stand up to face it.

It is obvious that <<Gone with the wind>> is really a good book,even if a long time has passed away,it is still suitable for today?s

society.It is of great importance to change ourselves,change our value even our thoughts when our life chages.

On the other hand,I think there is no real perfect in the world.Everybody has his shortcomings.It is necessary for us to learn to forgive others? faults.If we keep good-tempered,Ibelieve there will be more comedy and less tragedy.

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