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 高考英语语法单句填空历年真题模拟 专题四:

 :形容词和副词 点 考点 06 形容词和副词 一、试真题 A 组)新题速递 1. (2016 •新课标 I,62) A few hours________,I’d been at home in Hong Kong, with its choking smog.

 2. (2016 •新课标 I,69) Abercrombie & Kent, a travel company in Hong Kong, says it________(regular) arranges quick getaways here for people living in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

 3. (2016 •新课标 II »45) Walls made of adobe take in the heat from the sun on hot days and give out that heat________(slow) during cool nights,thus warming the house.

 4. (2016 •新课标 II,49/5.) As________ (nature) architects, the Pueblo Indians figured out exactly ________ thick the adobe walls needed to be to make the cycle work on most days.

 5. (2016 •福建,23)It was________(considerately) of Michael to inform us of his delay in case we got worried

 6. (2016 •安徽,31) They gave money to the old people’s home either________(personal) or through their companies* 7. (2016 •四川,7) Andy is content with the toy. It is________ (good) he has ever got.

 8. (2016 •四川 , 9) Little Tom sat ________( amaze) watching the monkey dancing in front of him.

 9, (2016 •重庆,10)Last year was the warmest year on record, with global temperature. 68℃________the average.

  B 组) 经典回頋 1. (2015 •新课标 I ,68) While there are ________(amaze) stories of instant transformation. . .

 2. (2015 •新课标 I,7.)Just be________(patience).

 3. (2015 •新课标 II ,43). . . some of them looked very anxious and________( disappoint) .

 4. (2015 •新课标 II,5.) Everyone on the bus began talking about what the boy had done, and the crowd of strangers ________(sudden) became friendly to one another.

 5. (2015 •辽宁,62) Bend your knees slightly and reach out your arms like tree branches, naturally and________(soft).

 6. (2015 •辽宁,63)My legs become________(pain).

 7. (2015 •辽宁,68) The________(hard) you try to beat him, the more likely you will get hit

 8. (2015 •广东,22)She was________(surprise) helpful.

 9. (2015 •广西,27)Raymond’s parents wanted him to have the ________(good) possible education.

 10. (2015 •湖北,28) Instead of blaming the child who had broken the vase, she gave him a________(tolerance) smile and let him go.

 11. (2015 •安徽,33)It’s our hope that we will play a greater role in the market place and, ________, supply more jobs.

 12. (2015 •浙江• 13) The aim of education is to teach young people to think for themselves and not follow others ________( blind) .

 13. (2015 •江西,23)Thanks for your directions to the house; we couldn’t have found it________.

 14. (2015 •湖北,29) Hardly had Sabrina finished her words when Albert said________(sharp), “Don’t be so mean,” pointing a finger of warning at her.

 15. (2015 •福建,24) With online shopping increasingly popular, the Internet is seen as a(n) ________(efficiency) way of reaching target customers.

 16. (2015 •安徽,27) My good performance in the job interview left me ________(optimism) about my future and about what I can do here.

 17. (2014 •福建,25) The Forbidden City attracts a constant stream of visitors every day,________( especial) during national holidays.

 18. (2014 •新课标 II,9)It may not be a great suggestion. But before a________(good) one is put forward, we’ll make do with it.

 19. (2014 •辽宁,33) This is by far________(inspire) movie that I have ever seen.

 20. (2014 •浙江,6) If we leave right away, ________( hope)we’ll arrive on time.

 21. (2014 •天津,3) I think watching TV every evening is a waste of time—there are________(many) meaningful things to do.

 22. (2013 •山东,33) Be________(reason)—you can’t expect me to finish all this work in so little time.

 23. (2013 •浙江,10) The research lacks solid evidence, and therefore,its conclusions are________(doubt).

 24. (2013 •天津,10) The secretary arranged a ________ (convenience) time and place for the applicants to have an interview.

 25. (2013 •全国 II,13)Next to biology,I like physics________(well).

 26. (2013 •辽宁,22) We used to see each other________(regular) ,but I haven’t heard from him since last year.

 27. (2013 •北京,28) Many people have donated that type of blood; however,the blood bank needs ________(much).

 28. (2011 •全国 II , 17)—Mr Stevenson is great to work for—I really couldn’t ask for a________(good) boss.

 过模拟 1. (2016 •河南省开封市高三二模)Of all living things, human beings are the________(clever).

 2. (2016 •河北隆化存瑞中学高三二检)There are________(amaze) things in the world.

 3. (2016 •甘肃会宁五中第三次月考)It seems that she is ________(thin) than before.

 4. (2016 •山东曲师大附中高三阶段检测)Practice some________(relax) techniques before you go into a social situation.

 5. (2015 •江西南昌高三二模)________(curious) , I gave him my full attention.

 6. (2015 •山西高三第三次诊断考试)There are ________(absolute) no trees anywhere, just low brushes and yellow and brown grass.

 7. ( 2015 •河南洛阳高三期末)I’m really________(surprise) too.

 8. (2015 •河北邢台二中、临城中学等七校期末联考)The ________(easy) of all ways is to spend less.

 9. (2015 •吉林省实验中学三检)One day,the egg hatched and a beautiful eagle was born Sadly,________,the eagle was raised to be a chicken 10. (2015 •山西运城期末调研)________(obvious),I was doing very badly.

 11. (2015 •辽宁抚顺重点高中协作校期末)A beginner’s wall is usually about 15 feet________(height).

 12. (2015 •甘肃西北师大附中高三 12 月月考)Chopsticks originated in China,but they are ________ (wide) used in many Asian countries.

 13. ( 2015 •责州责阳高三上期末)________( fortunate),I didn’t buy my ticket before the prices went up.

 14. (2015 •河北邢台二中、临城中学等七校期末联考)When you decide you’re going to live alone,you get upset This is ________( nature) .

 15. (2015 •责州责阳一中月考四)Doctors use it to learn more about unfamiliar diseases and the ________(late) medical development

 专题综合检测 一、单句填空 1. More women are entering________(traditional) male jobs.

 2. Maybe Chinese food seems to taste________(good) when eaten with chopsticks.

 3. I found his talk very________(interest).

 4. By then the problem will________(hope) have been solved 5. She had woken even________(early) than usual.

 6. There’re many other ways to choose from. (actual) .

 7. Her father had an awful temper and she was always________(frighten) of him.

 8. It rained heavily and I got________(complete) wet

 9. Steve was in a________(particular) bad mood when he got back 10. You know this is a very ________(importance) chance for me.

 11. I feel________(luck) enough to own our own home.

 12. It is________(help) for family members to gain a basic understanding of the illness.

 13. She recommends we make our plans as soon as________(possibly).

 14. For lack of money he bought the________(cheap) TV on the market.

 15. 1 want a________(full) furnished flat.

 16. Can I come and have a________(care) look at it today? 17. Maybe he would worry________(little) if he understood the situation.

 18. ________(fortunate),everything worked out all right in the end 19. I need the money. And ________,when I agreed to do something, I do it 20. Ten people have been injured in ________ (violence) incidents throughout the day.

  二、语法填空 Passage 1 Over the years I’ve been teaching kids about a simple but (1)________ ( power) concept—the ant philosophy. They have an (2)________ (amaze) four-part philosophy.

 First,ants never quit. They’ll climb over, they’ll climb under, and they’ll climb around. They keep (3)________ (look) for another way. What a neat (了不起的)philosophy it is to never quit looking for a way to get (4)________ you’re supposed to go! Second, ants think about winter and summer. That’s an important attitude. People (5)________ have a little experience are clear that summer will last forever. So ants are gathering in their winter food in the middle of summer. (6)________ third part is that ants think summer all winter. During the winter, they remind (7)________ that this won’t last long. And on the first warm day, they can’t wait (8)________ (get) out. Last, how much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter? All it (9)________ (possible) can.

 What a great philosophy to have—the ant philosophy:

 never give up, look ahead, stay (10)________positively) and do all you can.

  Passage 2 As more and more Chinese tourists travel abroad,some of their behavior is (1)________ (surprise). Wang Yang,one of China’s (2)________ (official),said that while other countries had welcomed Chinese tourism, the quality of some travelers was not high.

 According to the latest Living Social survey, Chinese tourists were recently ranked second behind US citizens in a survey of the (3)________ (bad) travelers. A researcher said that Chinese visitors often lack an (4)________ (aware) of being polite or behaving (5)________ (appropriate). “On their first or second time abroad, Chinese visitors tend to forget that they are visiting other people’s homeland and overlook (6)________ manners of their hosts," he said. "Overseas travel is a new luxury. Chinese (7)________ can afford it compare with each other and want to show off,” Liu said. “Many Chinese tourists are just going abroad, and are often inexperienced and (8)________ (familiar) with overseas rules. ” There are many ill behaviors. For example, some disregard rules in local wildlife parks. They disturb koalas in their (9)________ (nature) habitats by touching them, even though the local guide has warned them (10)________ doing so. “This is far from being eco-friendly," said Zhang.

  Passage 3 As the saying (1)________ (go), chance favors only the prepared mind I learned this from one of my (2)________ (experience) that I went through during Senior One school life.

 When news came (3)________ was not chosen as a member of the volleyball team of our school for my poor

 performance in the tryout, I was so (4)________ (frustrate) that I almost decided to give up playing volleyball. However, my best friend Miranda analyzed my problems, (5)________ ( point) out that my laziness and poor preparation accounted for my failure. From then on, I devoted my spare time (6)________ practicing playing and consulting my teacher about skills every day. When another chance of trying...

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