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厚 谱 教 育:访问学者申请领跑者


1) What will you study in the United States?

I will study Materials Science and Engineering in the university of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign.

2) What is your major? In what aspect of your major will you study?

My current major is Chemistry, and my present specific field of study is Material Chemistry, which is also a branch of Materials Science. Material chemistry focuses on finding some new chemical synthesis methods and the relationship between the methods and the property of the materials.

what is your future specific major?

Well, materials science has a lot of branches, I’m very interested in my current research area, and will probably continue with it after I go to UIUC.

3) What will you do in USA?

I will study for my Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and engineering in the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. It may take me 5 to 7 years, then I will come back to china.

why will you finished you degree in five years?

Usually, for Ph.D. of engineering in UIUC, it will take us 7 years to finish our study. But a schoolmate of mine who is now studying in UIUC told me that if we work hard enough, we can finished our courses and research project in five years.

I hope I can finished my graduates study and get the degree in five years since I want to come back earlier to assist my father . he is not young and does need me to help him with his business as soon as possible.

why will you want to finish you degree in five years?

If I can finish my graduate study in five years, I will come back at a earlier time to carry on my father’s factory. anyway, my father is getting old, and he does need me to help him with his business as soon as possible.

4) Are you going to study in USA?

Yes. I will study for my Ph.D. degree in Material Science and Engineering in UIUC. I plan to finish my study

in about 5-7 years and then come back to china.

5) When/where did you get your BS/MS?

I’ll get my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at the beginning of this July form Peking University.

6) What/where are you studying now?

I am studying for my bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in Peking University at present.

7) How long will you study in USA?

About 7years. If I work hard enough I can finished my study and get the degree in a shorter time.

8) Do you have any scholarship/financial aid?

Yes. The University of Illinois has offered me a position of research assistant. Besides the tuition waiver, I will get a monthly stipend of 1500 dollars during my graduate study.

9) What do you want to study in USA?

I want to study for my Ph.D. Degree in Materials Science and Engineering in the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. This program in UIUC ranks top 3 in the United States.

Why transfer your major?

Actually my present specific field of study is Material chemistry, it is also a branch of material science. (it is a interdisciplinary major between chemistry and material science) So my graduate major will be essentially the same as what I have studying now. would you like to my paper published on Chemistry of materials during my undergraduate research?

10) What do you do with your work for BS?

I have learned for more than 50 courses and carry on research work on my specific area.

what do you do with your work for Ph.D.?

In the first year, I will mainly take courses. Later I will join a research group that I am interested in to carry out research. I will try to finish my work and dissertation and get my degree in five years.

11) What is your purpose for the visa?

I need an F-1 visa in order to study for my Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering in UIUC.

12) What is your academic background?

I have been studied in the chemistry department of Peking University since 1997. I will get my bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at the beginning of July. My interested area of study is Material Chemistry, which is a branch of Material Science. I have been doing research in this field for more than one year and published some papers. so I have built up some background in materials science. What I am doing now is try to synthesis some nanoscale materials.

13) How do you know this Univ.?

I knew UIUC from many channels such as US news because it is very famous for its school of Engineering. It has a top 3 graduate program in Material science and Engineering in the United States.

14) What are the specific reasons that you have chosen to pursue advanced study in this field?

Give more details about particular items in the applicant's resume or application materials. Give details about selection basis or criteria for any scholarships and/or awards that you have received. Explai


n in further detail about extra curricular activities or professional accomplishments.




厚 谱 教 育:访问学者申请领跑者 一般访问学者接到导师要进行电话面试的通知后,这次申请十有八九已经成功,导师想通过这次面试对申请者再进一步的了解一下,当然如果申请者出现重大失误,可能会影响申请。但是,我们怎么会让这种情况发生呢?厚谱教育访问学者专家给大家讲一下,在电话面试过程中必须注意的细节。

1、刚接电话的时候,一定要反应迅速,不要过于紧张。对方说may I speak to xxx?的时候,你可以回答,yeah, it's me. you must be professor xxx。然后一定要向对方问好,这样会给对方一个比较好的第一印象。

2. 养成良好的语言习惯,这意味着在表达的时候不仅要不犯语法错误,表达流利,用词得当,言之有物,同样重要的还有说话方式,例如:发音清晰,语调得体,声音自然,音量适中等。说话时俚语不断,口头禅加篇,如病句、破句一样,都是语言修养不高的表现。

3. 注意要发音清晰,语调得体发音清晰,咬字准确,对一般人来说不是十分困难。有些人由于发音器官的缺陷,个别音素发音不准,如果严重影响人们理解,或影响讲话整体质量的,应少用或不用含有这个音素的字或词。当然,如果有法矫正的应该努力矫正,不要采取取消的方法。古希腊演说家德摩斯梯尼口含鹅卵石练出一副伶俐口齿的故事,可能会使你得到一些启示。无论是哪一种语言对于各种句式都有语调规范。有些同样的句子,用不同的语调处理,可表达不同的感情,收到不同的效果。若有人说:“我刚丢了一份工作。”使用同样的反问句:“是吗?”作答,可以表达吃惊、烦恼、怀疑、嘲讽等各种意思。有研究说,使用上扬语调易对听者造成悬念,提高他的兴趣,但若持续时间过长会引起疲劳。而降调表现说话人果敢决断,有时显示他的主观武断。得体的语调应该是起伏而不夸张,自然而不做作。但富于感情变化的抑扬顿挫总比生冷平板的语调感人。


除了上述四点,还要警惕一个很容易破坏语言意境的现象---在英语的表达中使用太多的“well”,“and”,“you know”,“OK”及故作姿态的“yeah”等,不仅有碍于人们的连贯理解,还容易引人生厌。

















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