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1、In 2004, 16 June falls on a Wednesday. On what day of the week will 16 June fall in 2010?

2、 In a magic square the sum of the numbers in each row, in each diagonal and in each column are equal. In this magic square the &#118alue of x is:

3、If half of a number is 30, then three-quarters of that number is____.

4、The sum of the digits of the following product


5、Three positive integers have a sum of 28. The greatest possible product that these integers can have is_____.

6、Jack was trying to tessellate regular pentagons. He managed the

following figure.

The size of angle .a. is______.

7、If the area of the shaded region of the regular hexagon in the diagram

below is 36 cm2, the area of the whole hexagon in cm2 is_____.

8、In what follows, □ and Δ are different numbers.

When 503 is divided by □ the remainder is 20.

When 503 is divided by Δ the remainder is 20.

When 493 is divided by □ x Δ the remainder is_____.

9、A lady, her brother, her son and her daughter (all related by birth) played

volleyball. The worst player's twin (who is one of the four players) and the

best player are of opposite ***.

The worst player and the best player are of the same age.

Who cannot be the worst player(s)?

A) brother only B) daughter only

C) son and daughter only D) lady and daughter only

E) lady only

10、If you continue the given number pattern, in what row and in what

position in that row will the number 320 be?

1 -------------- row 1

2 3 -------------- row 2

4 5 6 -------------- row 3

7 8 9 10 -------------- row 4

The answers are given in the order of row ; position.









8、503-20=483 483=3×7×23=21×23,因此□ x Δ=483,因此此题余数是10.




1. in a hurry 匆忙地;in doubt 有疑问,不确定

2. in a measure 在某种程度上

3. in a sense=in a sort of sense 从某种意义上来说, in this sense, 从这种意义上来说,in my personal sense 依我之见

4. in a way 在某种程度上;in a …way 以…方式;in an odd way 以奇怪的方式,奇怪地;in a …fashion=in a … manner 以…方式;in the same way 以同样的方式,就像

5. in accord with 与…一致; out of one’s accord with 同…不一致

6. in accordance with (=in agreement with=according to) 依照, 根据

7. in advance (beforehand) 预告, 事先,提前

8. in addition (to) 另外,除…之外

9. in all (altogether) 总共, 总计

10. in the air 在流行,在传播; 不确定

11. in any case 无论如何,总之; in case of (后接短语)假使,万一; in case(后接从句) 假如,以免,万一; in no case 决不

12. in blossom 开花(指树木) ; come into blossom 开花(强调动作)

13. in brief=in short=in a word(=in as few words as possible)简言之

14. in bulk 大批的,不散装的,大宗的

15. in charge (of) 负责,主管; in the charge of 由…管理

16. in common with 和 …有共同点

17. in comparison with (=in contrast to) 和…比起来

18. in conclusion 最后,总; at the conclusion of 当…结束时

19. in/out of condition 健康状况好/不好,in good (bad)condition 处于良好(坏)状态

20. in connection with/to 关于,和…有联系

21. in consequence 因此,结果;in consequence of 由于…的缘故

22. in contrast with/to 与…成对照;与…对比

23. in the course of 在…过程中,在…期间

24. in danger/trouble 在危险中,垂危

25. in debt 欠债

26. in details 详细地;in demand 有需求

27. in despair 绝望

28. in difficulties/trouble 处境困难; in a dilemma 进退两难,左右为难

29. in the distance 在远处

30. in essence 本质上

31. in excess of=more than 超过,过多

32. in any event 无论如何;in the event of 万一,如果发生

33. in excuse of 作为…的借口

34. (be) in existence存在; come into existence 出现

35. in the eyes of sb./ in one’s eyes 在某人看来, 在某人眼里

36. in fact=in effect =in truth=in reality实际上

37. in the face of 面对,不顾

38. in fashion时兴, 流行

39. in force有效;实施中

40. in favo(u)r of 有利于,赞成,支; in one’s favor(=to one’s advantage)对…有利

41. in the form of 以…形式

42. in front of 在…前面;in a tight corner 陷入困境

43. in (the) future 今后,将来;in the near future 在不久将来

44. in good faith(=honestly, sincerely) 真诚地

45. in general 通常,大体上

46. in good taste大方,得体; (反义)in bad taste

47. in hand 在掌握中,在控制中

48. in half 成两半;in itself 本身

49. in honor of 以纪念,向…表示敬意

50. in the least 一点,丝毫

52. be in the habit of 习惯于

53. in the grips/hands of/with 由…掌握, 控制, 负责

54. in the light of (=considering; taking into account) 考虑到, 根据

55. in line 成一直线,排成一行; in line with 与…一致,按照

56. in the long run 最终,从长远观点看;In the short run 从短期来说

57. in the mood for 有情绪去做, 有心境做

58. in a mess 乱七八糟, 处境困难

59. in nature 本质上;In the nature of 属于….性质

60. in a moment 立刻,马上

61. in memory of 纪念

62. in one’s opinion 按某人的看法

63. in sight 被看到,看得见

64. in spite of 不管,不顾;尽管,虽然

65. in step 同步,合拍;步伐一致; out of step 步伐不齐

66. in stock 现有,备有

67. in sum 总而言之

68. in secret 秘密地,私下地;in public 公开地,当众;in private 私下里

69. in shape 处于良好状态

70. in tears 流着泪,含泪,哭

71. in terms of 依据,按照;用…措词

72. in return 作为报答,作为回报; in turn 反过来,按顺序

73. in practice 在实际中,实践中;in theory 理论上

74. in proportion to 与…成比例

75. in a position of=be able to 设身处地去,能够做到

76. in question 正在讨论,有问题的;in dispute 有争议的

77. in order 秩序井然,整齐; in order to 以便, 为了; in order that 以便

78. in particular 特别地,尤其,详细地; in part 部分地

79. in the past 在过去,以往

80. in person 亲自, 当面; in principle 原则上

81. in place 在适当的位置,得体,合适

82. in place of 代替

83. in the first place 起初,首先;in the last place 最后

84. in no time 马上

85. in the twinkling of an eye 一眨眼, 转眼间

86. in search of 寻找; in the hope of希望,期待; in pursuit of 为…追求; in/on behalf of为…的利益; in favor/support of 支持

87. in sequence 按顺序, 按先后次序

88. in short (=in a few words, in brief)简称, in short supply 供应不足

89. be in touch with 与…有接触, 有联系; be out of touch with与…没有联系或接触

90. in time(for) 及时;on time (=punctually) 准时

91. in that 因为,就在于

92. in the wake of 在…之后; in the company of 伴随着

93. in the way of 关于…方面

94. in this regard 在这一点上,关于这一点

95. in total (=all have been added up) 总计

96. in vain (=uselessly) 徒劳地

97. in view of (=considering) 考虑到; in the view of 按…的意思

98. in a word总之; in other words换言之

99. in the vicinity 在附近; in close vicinity to 在靠近…的地方; in the vicinity of 大约; in theorder of 大约

100. in vogue 正时兴,在流行

101. in need of 需要,badly in need of 急需

102. in the extreme 极其



几何 几何 周长问题

1) The adjacent sides of the decagon(十边形) shown meet at right angles and all dimensions(尺寸)are in metres.

What is the perimeter, in metres, of this decagon?

2) An L-shaped path is 5m wide and h(转 载 于:wWw.HnnsCY.cOM 博文学习网:in数学)as an area of 125m2.The perimeter, in metres,

of the figure is?

3) A square piece of paper is folded in half. The resulting rectangle has a perimeter

of 18 cm. What is the area, in square centimetres, of the original square?

4) The perimeter of the equilateral trianglePQR is 48 cm.What is the perimeter, in

centimetres, ofthe parallelogram PSTU?

5) Nelly correctly measures three sides of a rectangle and gets a total of 88 cm. Her Brother. Raffy correctly measures three sides of the same rectangle and gets a total of 80 cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle, in cm?

Four points P, Q, R and S are such that PQ = 10, QR = 30, RS = 15 andPS = m. If m is an integer and no three of these points lie on a straight line, whatis the number of possible values of m?

A shape is formed when a regular hexagon of side 9 cm has six regular hexagons of side 3 cm

added to the outside of it with one at the centre of each side (two of the sides are shown).

What is the perimeter, in centimetres, of the shape?


6) In a right-angled triangle ACD, the area of shaded region is 10 cm2, as shown in

thefigure below. AD = 5 cm, AB = BC, DE = EC. Find the length of AB.

7) In rectangle ABCD, AB = 12 and AD = 5. Points P, Q,R and S are all on diagonal

AC, so that AP = PQ = QR = RS = SC. What is the total area of the shaded region?

8) In the diagram, the size of three angles are given. Find the value of x.

9) In the diagram, PQRS is a square.The value of x is


In the following figure, if CA = CE, what is the value of x?

11) In triangle ABC, AP = AQ and BQ = BR. Determine angle PQR, in degrees.

12) This sheriff’s badge(司法徽章) has ten equal sides, five 60? angles and five equal

reflex angles.

The value of x is


13) The area of square ABCD is 64 and AX=BW=CZ=DY=2. What is the area of

square WXYZ?




14) A rectangle with a length of 60 and a width of 45 can be divided(分) into 2700

squares with a side length of 1. If you draw a diagonal(对角线)of the rectangle,

how many squares does the diagonal go through? DYC

15) A 36 cm by 24 cm rectangle is drawn on 1 cm grid paper such that the 36 cm side

contains 37 grid points and the 24 cm side contains 25 grid points. A diagonal of the rectangle is drawn. How many grid points lie on that diagonal?

16) Mary has 62 square blue tiles and a number of square red tiles. All tiles are the

same size. She makes a rectangle with red tiles inside and blue tiles on the perimeter. What is the largest number of red tiles she could have used?


What percentage of the largest square is covered by the shaded square?

18) Three rectangles are lined up horizontally as shown. The lengths of the

rectangles are 2 cm, 4 cm and 8 cm respectively. The heights are 1 cm, 2 cm and 4 cm respectively. A straight line is drawn from the top right-hand corner of the largest rectangle to the bottom left-hand corner of the smallest rectangle.What is

the area, in square centimetres, of the shaded region?

19) The areas, in square centimetres, of three rectangles are given.What is the area,

in square centimetres, of the shaded rectangle?

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