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 2021 年 年 12 月英语四级听力练习题及词汇 1. 四级听力:

 Apology Helps

 It is never easy to admit you are in the wrong.Being human, we all need to know the art of apologizing.Look back with honesty and think how often you have judged roughly, you said unkind things, and pushed yourself ahead at the expense of a friend.Then count the occasions when you indicated clearly and truly that you were so sorry.A bit frightening, isn’t it? It is frightening, isn’t it? It is frightening because some deep wisdom in us knows that when even a small wrong has been committed, some mysterious moral feeling is disturbed; and it stays out of balance until fault is acknowledged and regret expressed. A heartfelt apology can not only heal a damaged relationship but also make it stronger.If you can think of someone who deserves an apology from you, someone you have wronged, or judged too roughly, or just neglected, do something about it right now. Useful Words and Expressions: 1.push ahead 捉紧进行

 2.at the expense of 在损害……的情况下 3.mysterious 神秘的 4.moral 道德的 5.disturbed 扰乱的 6.stay out of 不参与……,置身于……之外 7.heartfelt 衷心的,真心真意的 8.roughly 粗糙地,概略地 2. 听力考试必考习语

 1、Both of the drivers were injured in the collision. (A)hindrance (B)cry (C)crash 2、Janet’s job as an assistant at the Harvard University observatory was to classify stars according to their spectra. (A)locate (B)photograph (C)categorize 3、In aerospace programs, helium(氦)is used to chill rocket engines prior to the launch. (A)cool (B)fuel (C)test

 4、Ballet is theatrical entertainment that combines the arts of dancing, stage design, and music. (A)replaces (B)promotes (C)blends 答案:

 CCAC 详解:

 Crash n.撞碎;坠毁;破产;轰隆声;睡觉 vi.摔碎;坠落;发出隆隆声;(金融企业等)破产 vt.打碎;使坠毁、撞坏;擅自闯入 He narrowly escaped in the air crash. 他险些在飞机失事中遇难。

 categorize vt.分类 This mirrors the way we categorize things in the real world. 这反映了我们在现实世界中分类事物的方法。


 adj.凉爽的;冷静的;出色的 vt.使…冷却;使…平静下来 vi.变凉;平息 n.凉爽;凉爽的空气 adv.冷静地 The cool autumn wind clarified my mind. 凉爽的秋风使我的头脑清醒过来。

 blends n.混纺,混纺纤维;混合物(blend 的复数形式) vt.使交融(blend 的三单形式);使混合,使混杂 Water does not blend with oil. 水和油不能混合。

 2. 听力复习备考:否 定,转折,比较类对话

 1 否定类对话要求对内容的肯定或否定加以判断 包含有否定词。常见的否定词有:no, none, nobody, nothing, never, neither, nor

 no one, hardly, rarely, little, seldom, few.还有很多有否定前缀的词。常见的否定词缀有:im-, un-, dis-, non-.-less. 包含有否定意义的词和词组,如:without, instead of, avoid.hate, deny, fail, refuse, ignore, dislike, overlook, miss, far from, short of, too…to, anything but, rather than . 2 转折类对话考察对说话人的侧重点进行辨别的能力 表示转折的词有:but, or, otherwise, however, anyhow, yet 3 比较类对话要求在两种或两种以上的事物的比较中得出结论 一要抓住信息中心的比较对象,二要捕捉比较词,如:same, like, as…as, alike, different from, not the same, 三要掌握同义词,反义词的替换,如:prefer…to…等于 like…more than… l 原级比较 l 比较级,尤其要注意比较级表示最高级含义 l 最高级

 标准测试: : 1. A.The blue one is too large. B.The blue one doesn’t suit her. C.Blue always makes her sad. D.The blue one looks terrible. 2. A.The woman did not study. B.The man did not study. C.The woman is not nervous. D.They are both nervous. 3. A.She is sick. B.She is worried. C.She is discouraging. D.She is confident.

 4. A.The exam was easy. B.The exam was hard. C.The exam time was too long. D.The last question was especially hard. 5. A.He no longer works here. B.He has a business trip next Wednesday. C.He’ll be back next Wednesday. D.He is on a vacation. 6. A.Wait for his cousin. B.Go to the airport. C.Prepare dinner. D.Do homework. 7.

 A.Go to a game. B.Eat her supper. C.Miss her class. D.Meet her friends any minute. 8. A.The woman is an unusual student. B.The man is a rigid person. C.The woman’s request will be granted. D.No make-up exam will be given. 9. A.She must be very careful. B.She will be affected. C.Both A and B. D.She is not doing her job well. 10. A.The man will take the apartment

 B.The man will not sleep well. C.The apartment is not good. D.The man will find an apartment elsewhere. 11. A.It’s hard to know what to believe about it. B.She is not sure if it’s difficult for everybody. C.It’s even harder than it seems. D.It’s not as difficult as it proclaims. 12. A.This summer is terribly hot. B.Last summer was even hotter. C.Today is the hottest day in this summer. D.The sun was brighter this morning than it is now. 13. A.It is not disgusting at all. B.It is more disgusting than expected.

 C.It is usually called disgusting. D.It is the most disgusting she has ever seen. 14. A.She should do a better job. B.Her assignment is better than his. C.She should hand in her assignment as soon as possible. D.She should give him assignment as soon as possible. 15. A.It was in a quiet surrounding. B.It was very comfortable. C.It was not too far. D.It was inconvenient. 能力强化

 16. A.His injury kept him at home. B.He was too weak to see the doctor.

 C.He didn’t think it necessary. D.He failed to make an appointment. 17. A.She is not interested in the papers. B.She has given the man much trouble. C.She would like to have a copy of the papers. D.She doesn’t want to take the trouble. 18. A.Neither of them is successful. B.One of them is not very successful. C.Both plays are successful. D.They are a great failure. 19. A.The tape was missing. B.The tape had been returned to Paul. C.Jack lent his tape to Paul.

 D.Jack brought the tape to the party. 20. A.It has been reprinted four times. B.Is it no longer available? C.It is temporarily out stock in the store. D.This is a book out of date. 21. A.She saw on TV the big tower she visited. B.She has visited the TV tower twice. C.She has visited the TV tower once. D.She will visit the TV tower in June. 22. A.They cannot go to the seaside. B.They set off early. C.They go sightseeing. D.They wait for a fine day.

 23. A.Mary will do the laundry. B.Mary is too busy to help. C.Mary will delay her written work. D.The man will do the laundry. 24. A.The man wants to go to the movies. B.The man is too tired to go to the movies. C.The man does not want to go to the movies. D.The woman wants to go out for dinner. 25. A.Type letters B.Go back home. C.Give the man a hand. D.Talk to Mr.Mark. 26.

 A.He has made great progress in his English. B.He is not very interested in English songs. C.He is a student of the music department. D.He is not very enthusiastic about his English lessons. 27. A.The weather is mild compared to the past years. B.They are having the coldest winter ever. C.The weather will soon get warmer. D.The weather may get even colder. 28. A.It has two editions with the same cover. B.Both editions are the same price now. C.The paperback edition is on sales. D.The hardcover edition is more expensive. 29.

 A.Most people killed in traffic accidents are heavy drinkers. B.People should pay more attention to the danger of drunk driving. C.Drunk drivers are not guilty. D.She does not agree with the man. 30. A.The professor’s lectures are more informative than books. B.The professor’s lectures can give you the same thing as books. C.The professor’s lectures are less in formative than books. E.Reading books is worthless. 4. 听力复习备考:突破地点,方向类对话

 1 听前早预测: 给出的选择项的语言结构如果是:地点介词(in, at, on…)+名词,那么基本可以判定该题是属于地点类的对话,常见的提问形式有:

 Where does the conversation probably take place/ Where did it happen? Where are the two speakers? What kind of place is she going to? 2 听时抓关键: 一般是 speaker A 话语的提示下,应主要从speaker B 话中去抓关键词 3 听后早判断 标准测试 1. A.At the bookstore. B.At the library. C.At the travel agency. D.At the hospital. 2. A.In a parking lot. B.On a hill. C.At a service station.

 D.On the road. 3. A.In a restaurant. B.In a hotel. C.In a cinema. D.In a university office. 4. A.In Beijing. B.At the airport. C.On a plane. D.On a train. 5. A.To a restaurant. B.To the cafeteria C.To a classroom. D.To a food store. 6.

 A.To a museum. B.To a wedding. C.To New York. D.To visit a friend in Arizona. 7. A.In a post office. B.In Professor Peterson’s office. C.In a publisher’s office. D.In a university bookstore. 8. A.In an airport. B.In a store. C.In a police station. D.On a subway. 9. A.In New York. B.In Washington.

 C.In Boston. D.At a bus stop. 10. A.In a classroom. B.In an office. C.In a shop. D.On their way home. 11. A.At a railway station. B.At an airport. C.At a hotel. D.At a department store. 12. A.On the first floor. B.On the second floor. C.On the third floor. D.Near the lift.

 13. A.In a bank. B.In a restaurant. C.In a hotel. D.In a department store. 14. A.Straight ahead on the street. B.On the right. C.On the left. D.Over there. 15. A.In a bank. B.In a department store. C.In a grocery store. D.In a post office. 能力强化 16.

 A.In a shop. B.In a bookstore. C.In a library. D.In a school. 17. A.In a shop. B.In a hotel. C.In a bathroom. D.At home. 18. A.In a car. B.In the street. C.In a restaurant. D.At home. 19. A.At a bookstore. B.At an art gallery.

 C.In a workshop. D.In a department store. 20. A.In a library. B.In a bookstore. C.In the classroom. D.In a department store. 21. A.To the supermarket. B.To the post office. C.To the restaurant. D.To the pub. 22. A.In the woman’s house. B.In the man’s colleague’s office. C.Over the phone. D.In a restaurant.

 23. A.To the library. B.To theatre. C.To the research institute. D.To the laboratory. 24. A.In a kitchen. B.In an orchard. C.In a garden. D.At a picnic. 25. A.A meeting room. B.A library. C.A shop. D.The bathroom. 26. A.In the street.

 B.At a dinner table. C.In the hotel. D.At the man’s house. 27. A.America. B.England. C.Switzerland. D.Sweden. 28. A.In Rome. B.In Paris. C.In London. D.In Madrid. 29. A.America. B.Britain. C.France.

 D.Japan. 30. A.Under a huge tree. B.Between two buildings. C.In the park. D.In his apartment. 5. 力复习备考:听写填空


 Passage 1 In order to learn a foreign language thoroughly, four things are necessary.Firstly, we must be a...

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