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Names of some famous movies:

1. Air Force one 空军一号

2. The Lion King 狮子王

3. Toy Story 玩具总动员

4. Speed 生死时速

5. True Lies 真实的谎言

6. Forrest Gump 阿甘正传

7. Casablanca 北非谍影

8. A Walk in the Clouds 云中漫步

9. Saving Private Ryan 拯救大兵瑞恩

10. Gone with the Wind 乱世佳人

11. Notting Hill 诺丁山

12. What Women Want 倾听女人心

13. Forever Young 青春永驻

14. The Patriot 爱国者

15. Brave Heart 勇敢的心

16. Chocolate 浓情巧克力

17. Pearl Harbor 珍珠港

18. Pretty Woman 风月俏佳人

19. Runaway Bride 逃跑新娘

20. My Best Friend’s Wedding 最好朋友的婚礼

21. Sleepless in Seattle 西雅图不眠夜

22. While you were sleeping 当你熟睡时

23. Princess Diary 公主日记

24. Beauty and Beast 美女与野兽

25. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 侠盗罗宾汉

26. You have Got Mail 电子情书

27. As Good As It Is 尽善尽美

28. An Officer And A Gentleman 冲上云霄

29. Summersby 似是故人来

30. Two Weeks Notice 两周情人

Eleven different kinds of films:

1. Ethical Films: 社会伦理片

Rain Man 雨人 (Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise)

Scent of a Woman 闻香识女人 (Al Pacino)

Forrest Gump 阿甘正传 ( Tom Hanks)

2. Campus Life Films 校园生活片

School Ties 非常学生 (Matt Damon)

3. War Films 战争片

Saving Private Ryan 拯救大兵瑞恩 (Tom Hanks)

Born on the Fourth of July 生逢七月四日 (Tom Cruise)

4. Legend-Based Films 历史传记片

Lawrence of Arabia 阿拉伯的劳伦斯

Gandhi 甘地传

Brave Heart 勇敢的心 (Mel Gibson )

Beautiful Life 美丽人生

5. Western 西部片

Dance with Wolves 与狼共舞 (Kevin Costner )

Unforgiven 不可饶恕 (Clint Eastwood)

6. Road Films 公路片

Thelma and Louise 末路狂花

7. Political Films 政治

JFK 刺杀肯尼迪 (Kevin Costner )

Schindler’s List 辛得勒名单 (Ben Kingsley)

8. Romance 浪漫爱情片

Casablanca 北非谍影 (Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman)

Ghost 人鬼情未了 (Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldingberg)

Sense and Sensibility 理智与情感 ( Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant)

9. Sci-Fi Films 科幻片

E.T. ( The Extra-Terrestrial) 外星人

Jurassic Park 侏罗纪公园

10. Thriller 惊险悬念片

Rebecca 蝴蝶梦 (Laurence Oliver)

The Silence of the Lambs 沉默的羔羊 (Jodie Forster, Anthony Hopkins)

11. Musical 音乐歌舞片

The Sound of Music 音乐之声

Singing in the Rain 雨中曲 (Gene Kelly)


Chapter Ⅵ

L/C Establishment, Extension and Amendment

Lesson Fourteen

(A)Urging Establishment of L/C

【Teaching Contents】

In writing a letter urging an L/C, we should do it clearly, concisely and politely. What is more, we should give the reason why we should do so in order to convince the buyer to accept our request and act accordingly. This is a letter from the sellers. In the letter the sellers remind the buyers that the time of shipment is approaching, but they have not yet received the relative L/C. Therefore the sellers ask the buyers to open the L/C immediately so that they can make the shipment as stipulated. (B) A Reply

【Teaching type】

Theory teaching, discussion, practice

【Key Words & Expressions】

urging establishment of L/C expedite in accordance with expire for an amount ofbrisk stress affectin advance

【Time Arrangement】

Step 1: Lean-in(20m)

Step 2: Details of the letter(1h)

Step 3: Revision (5m)

Step 4: Homework(5m)

【Teaching Methods】

Instruction, discussion, practice

【Teaching Resources】


【Teaching Procedures】

Step 1: Lead-in

1. Give the brief introduction of the L/C to the students and make sure they can understand the main

points of the L/C in the international trade.

2. Focus on the brief introduction of the urging establishment of L/C.

→ Urging the customer into establishing an L/C:

When a contract is concluded, the buyer is usually under the obligation to establish an L/C with his bank within the time limit stipulated in the sales contract. Especially for bulk sale or the commodities produced according to buyer’s request, it is very important for the buyer to open the L/C in time; otherwise, the seller can’t arrange the production and commodities.

Normally, the buyer’s L/C should reach the seller 15 days (or 30 days) before shipment. But in practice, foreign customers always delay opening the L/C when the market condition changes or the shortage of fund arises. So we should always keep an eye on it.

→ To promote the business, we should urge the other side to open the L/C under the following conditions:

(1) the contract stipulates a relatively long shipment(as for 3 months), and the buyer should open the L/C several days before the shipment(as for 15 days). Then we should inform buyer the estimated shipment and urge him into opening the relative L/C on time.

(2) if we can advance the shipment, we may negotiate with the buyer and request advancing opening the L/C.

(3) if the buyer fails to open the relative L/C on time , the seller owns the right to claim compensation for damages.

(4) although it is not the deadline, but if we find that the customer’s credit is not fine or the market condition is changing, we also may urge the buyer into opening the L/C.

→ 催证








Step 2: Details of the letter

Give a brief introduction of the establishment of L/C to the students. Ask the students to read the whole letter first and let them get the general idea of it. Then explain it in details.

I.Language Points

1. urge: vt. 催促,劝说

e.g. Recently they have been urging us for execution of their order for 3000 gross pencils.


Your are urged to give an early reply to our enquiry for groundnuts.


As requested, we have urged the manufacturers to get the goods ready so that we may make delivery by the end of the month.

2. establish: vt. 开立;建立;确立;开设

→ establish/open/issue an L/C开立信用证

e.g. We hope to establish mutually beneficial business relations with all prospective customers.


Our brand has already established itself firmly in public favor.


We are glad to inform you that we have established a branch office in London.


→ establishment : n. 开立;建立

e.g. We are arranging for the establishment of the relative L/C with the bank at this end.


We take this opportunity to approach you for the establishment of trade relations with you.


3. L/C = letter of credit : 信用证

→ ◇ sight L/C 即期信用证

◇ time / usance / term L/C 远期信用证

◇ confirmed L/C 保兑信用证

◇ irrevocable L/C 不可撤销的信用证

◇ documentary L/C跟单信用证

◇ transferable and divisible L/C 可转让与可分割的信用证

◇ to open / establish / issue an L/C开证

◇ to amend an L/C 改证

◇ to extend an L/C 展证

→ e.g. As the goods under your Order No.101 have been ready for shipment, we hope you will open the

letter of credit as soon as possible.


4. expedite:vt. 加速

e.g. We will appreciate it if you will expedite your offer.


5. in accordance with: 与…相一致;按照,根据

→ ☆ in exact/full accordance with与…完全一致

☆ in strict/precise accordance with与…严格一致

e.g. The quality of the goods must be in strict accordance with that of the sample.


In accordance with faxes exchanged, we are glad to have purchased from you 100 dozen cotton bed-sheets.


6. at an early date: 早日,尽早

e.g. Kindly let us have your specific enquiry at an early date.


We would like you to quote us at an early date, stating individual price of each model.


7. draw one’s attention to…: 提醒某人注意……

→ ☆ draw / invite / call / direct / attract one’s attention to + noun.

☆ draw sb’s attention to + the fact + the clause

e.g. We wish to call your attention to the fact that as we are badly in need of the goods, please expedite shipment as much as possible.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that as the expiry date is coming near, please expedite the shipment, under advice to us.

8. expire: v. (指某事经过一段时间)期满,到期;终止

e.g. The trade agreement between the two countries will expire next year.


→ expiry / expiration : n. 终止;期满,届期

e.g. What is the expiry date on your library book?


The President can be elected again at/on the expiration of his first four years in office.


The goods under our Order No.123 must arrive before the expiration of our import licence.

9. in one’s favor: 以…为受益人

e.g. We have opened an irrevocable L/C in your favor a week ago.


10. for an amount of : 总金额计…

e.g. We thank you for your L/C No. 123 for the amount of $3,621 to cover your order for Sewing Machines.


11. the Chase Manhattan Bank, Inc. :美国大通银行

12. brisk: adj. 活跃的,兴旺的

e.g. Fashions are in brisk demand in our market.


The market is brisk.


→ ☆ The market is strengthening ( rising, advancing, declining).

行情在上涨 / 下跌。

☆ The market is firm (strong, weak, easy, active, stagnant).

行情坚挺(疲软, 活跃, 呆滞)。

13. stress: v. 着重强调 →stress + that clause

stress + n.

e.g. The sellers stressed the importance of establishing L/C in strict accordance with the stipulations of the contract.

The sellers stressed that the establishment of L/C should be in strict accordance with the stipulations of the contract.

The Chinese Government stressed the point that the technology introduced from abroad should be truly advanced and (转 载 于:wWw.HnnsCY.cOM 博文学习网:外贸与包装相关的英语教案)appropriate to China’s needs.


→ stress: n. 重点

e.g. The sellers put (lay, give) stress on (to) the importance of establishing L/C in strict accordance with the stipulations of the contract.

It is necessary to lay stress on the packing as well as the quality.


14. involve: v 牵涉,卷入(接us, you, them 等时和“in”连用)

e.g. We hope this will not involve you in any great inconvenience.


Any change of specifications would involve us in a great deal of trouble.


15. affect: v. 影响

e.g. The important decision will affect the company’s future.


16. in advance: 预先

e.g. thank you in advance 预致谢意

II. Chinese version of the letter:







谨 启





我们必须强调,任何延误都将引起本公司与客户之间的不便,进而影响你我双方今后业务发展。 在此对你方的合作预致谢意。

谨 启

Step 3: Revision

After explaining the whole letter in details, ask the students to go through the letter and keep these important points in their mind. Make sure they can master the key words and phrases appeared in the letter.

Step 4: Homework

1. Finish the exercises.

2. Remember the new words and important language points.

3. Prepare the next lesson.

Key to Lesson Fourteen

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